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Cordial and Syrups

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Orchid Lime Juice Cordial

Orchid Lime Juice Cordial is a non-alcoholic cordial that is a mixture of concentrated lime juice and sugar. Its sweet and sour taste goes well with many cocktails. Some of the famous drinks made with lime juice cordial are margarita, kamikaze, and cosmopolitan.

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Orchid Grenadine Cordial

Orchid Grenadine syrup is a non-alcoholic mixer made from pomegranate that is rich in beneficial anti-oxidants which may reduce cholesterol and help with heart disease. This red syrup is used in cocktails both for its flavor and to give a pink tinge to the mixed drink. It is used as an ingredient to make non-alcoholic drinks like Shirley Temple (lemon-lime soda and grenadine) and red iced tea for non-drinkers and kids.

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Orchid Blue Curaçao Liqueur

Orchid Blue Curaçao is a sweet blue liqueur flavored by oranges from Curaçao. Orchid Blue Curaçao is used to color and flavor cocktails. It transforms ordinary drinks into eye-catching delights. Using Orchid Blue Curaçao gives cocktails a more exotic look and a tinge of citrus flavor. Combining pineapple juice, Toska Vodka, Orchid Triple Sec, Orchid Blue Curaçao creates a cocktail that is made famous on the island of Boracay, the “Illusion” cocktail.

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Orchid Triple Sec Liqueur

Orchid Triple Sec is an orange liqueur flavored with Curacao oranges from the festive islands of the Caribbean. Use Orchid Triple Sec to add a citrus zing to cocktails. Orchid Triple Sec is used in famous cocktails such as margaritas, kamikazes, and cosmopolitans, to name a few. It gives cocktails a more complex taste that offers drinkers a different experience.

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Orchid Crème de Cacao

Orchid Crème de Cacao is a dark brown chocolate-flavored liqueur ideal for enhancing coffee and chocolate-based alcoholic mixed drinks. Crème de Cacao is a great base for creamy cocktails since its flavor compliments other liqueurs like coffee liqueur, crème de banana, crème de menthe, amaretto liqueur etc. Chocolate lovers should always keep a bottle of Orchids Crème de Cacao in their bar. It can also be used as a substitute agent for baking chocolate desserts.

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Orchid Crème de Banana

Orchid Crème de Banana is a golden yellow banana liqueur ideal for fruit-based tropical long drinks. With the right concoction, you can come up with a unique drink like the bubble gum tasting Blue Sapphire, a mixture of Toska Vodka, Orchid Crème de Banana, Orchid Blue Curaçao, and lemon-lime soda. Drinks, ice cream, gelatins, desserts like crepes, baked fruit pies, and cakes can be jazzed up by just adding a spoonful of crème de banana. Orchids Crème de Banana enhances the scent of all fruit concoctions

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Orchid Crème de Menthe

Orchid Crème de Menthe is a mint-flavored liqueur with a characteristic emerald green color, it is used to add a cool minty touch to desserts or cocktails. Orchid Crème de Menthe can be taken straight with crushed ice (frappe style) after dinner as a digestif. When mixed with Orchid Crème de Cacao and cream you get a sweet and creamy drink comparable to mint chocolate ice cream. You can also use this liqueur to add a minty touch to fruit juices and baked goods like cookies and cakes.

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Orchid Melon Liqueur

Orchid Melon Liqueur is a honeydew-flavored liqueur with a characteristic bright green color. Add some melon sweetness to your drink with its extraordinary tropical flavor. Turn ordinary cocktails into sweet and exotic ones with just a splash. Adding Orchid Melon Liqueur will truly give your cocktail a tropical and fruity taste. One of the most popular mixes we have for Melon Liqueur is Sex in the Bahamas a combination of Old Captain Rum, Orchid Melon Liqueur, Orchid Coconut Rum, and Pineapple juice this combination makes you feel like you are in the Bahamas sipping on cocktails and basking under the sun.

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Orchid Coconut Rum

Orchid Coconut Rum is bursting with exotic coconut flavor in a rum base. Mix it with fruit juices and let its sweet refreshing taste and aroma transport you to a tropical island paradise. The Coconut flavor is a must to make cocktails taste more tropical and it truly makes you feel like you are in paradise. Mix it with other liqueurs to make it more exotic like Sex in the Bahamas and Coconut Paradise which is a combination of Orchid Coconut Rum and Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur. Enjoy and savor Orchid Coconut Rum to the last drop.


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