PRODUCT NAME:     Napoleon VSOP Brandy


     Napoleon VSOP Brandy is made from the finest imported brandy from grapes that are blended and aged in oak barrels. The result is a premium brandy with a very smooth and distinct taste. The VSOP (Very Special Old Pale) mark is a testament to the product's age and character. The brand message highlights.... For Very Special Outstanding People. This product was honored as the 2008 Superior Taste Award from the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels, Belgium.


  • Exquisite taste is coupled with a new elegant packaging. Napoleon VSOP Brandy now comes in a modern green bottle design with imported guala closure that has a patented non-refillable fitment.
  • Premium quality and image are coupled with affordability that only Napoleon VSOP can offer best.
  • Perfect as a gift item since it comes in a sophisticated dark green tin canister and gift bag.

Available in:

Size 750 mL
Alcohol content 36% Alc. by volume
Packaging 12 bottles per case
Weight without tin can
with tin can
16.7 kg per case
19.3 kg per case
Carton size without tin can
with tin can
360 mm x 271 mm x 288 mm-OD
400mm x 300 mm x 294mm-OD
Cases in a Pallet without tin can
with tin can
70 cases
50 cases
Cases in 1x20’ container van
without tin can
with tin can
1,000 cases
1,000 cases




     A member of the quality Napoleon Brandy family, Fifteen Years continues to represent the fine tradition that the brand name is noted for. Although this product is aged younger than its VSOP counterpart, Napoleon Quince has its own distinct and mellow taste that has captured the affirmation of many brandy lovers nationwide.


  • Napoleon 15 years is comparable in taste and quality versus imported brands.
  • Very affordable price… giving more value for money.

Available in an flint clear bottle with Burgundy and Gold labelling.

Size 700 ml
Alcohol content 27.5% Alc. by volume
Packaging 12 bottles per case
Weight 14.8 kg per case
Carton size 323 mm x
245 mm x 308 mm (OD)
Cases in a Pallet 85 cases
Cases in 1x20’
container van
1,000 cases



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