Very Old Captain Launch 2015

     Destileria Limtuaco, the oldest distillery in the Philippines, recently launched its newest product-Very Old Captain Artisan Crafted Dark Rum-in grand marine-themed fashion at The City Club in Makati. The company reached back into its long tradition to produce Very Old Captain, a batch distilled, heavy rum blend aged in ex-bourbon barrels for the equivalent of eight years.

     With Very Old Captain Artisan Crafted Dark Rum, Destileria Limtuaco has successfully produced a high quality rum with the use of excellent raw material, a strict fermentation and distillation process, the best equipment, maturation process, and blending.

     The convention served as a platform for companies, investors and consumers from all over the world to expand networks, increase connections and to share what they have in common - passion for gastronomy. Local and foreign companies assemble not only to offer their products, but also to present their respective country's heritage as well.





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