PRODUCT NAME:     Vino de Chino / Vino de Kung Fu


     See Hoc Tong, the original and pioneer brand of Chinese herbal wines was first produced by Destileria Limtuaco over a hundred and fifty years ago. Being first in the market, it soon became the generic name for the Chinese medicinal wine product and evolved in to what is now commonly called “Sioktong”. 

     Today, Destileria Limtuaco continues to manufacture this quality herbal wines for posterity under the current brand names of Vino de Chino and Vino Kung Fu. For five generations now, Destileria Limtuaco still uses the same secret family recipe of ingredients derived from a variety of Chinese herbs.



  • This medicinal wine is perfect for people who want to revitalize their vigor and vitality. Taken daily, it increases energy and power.
  • Distilled from over 15 Chinese herbs with cold and hot properties, it   promotes the balance of “yin and yang,” the key to good health.
  • Women particularly take it because it contains blood tonics and blood regulators that is good for reproductive health.
Available in:

     350ml bottle / 24 bottles per case
     50 Proof / 25% alc. by vol.



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